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OUR speakers

Alphie Valentine

- Thought Leader & Investor -

An inspiring storyteller has the ability to transform, motivate, and energize an audience in a keynote address.

Creator of "The System" which is a method to get the goals out of your head and onto a piece of paper. This actionable tool and principles when followed have the ability to catapult you past your current positions!

His energy and enthusiasm are unmatched as he brings his stories and principles to life. He calls upon his dynamic experiences to empower audiences, inspiring an entrepreneur spirit made possible only through creative problem solving. Alphie’s emotionally-packed presentations linger long after his speech, empowering audiences to invent their own self-made motto of success so they can create tangible change in the world.

Kul Bedi

- Performance & Leadership Expert -

Through a combination of expert coaching, martial arts training and strength and conditioning , Kul Bedi helps individuals achieve goals quickly, function within their purpose and values, and see transformative results

While many know Kul Bedi as one of the most sort after Personal Trainers in London, more and more people know Kul as a passionate and motivated speaker and business coach with one goal: to help people see their full potential.

Steven Sulley

-Experienced Sales Trainer, Property Investor and host of The Steven Sulley Study Podcast-

Through his inspiring talks Steven share’s his take on success, relationships, living a healthy lifestyle and what it takes to help you succeed.

Exuding the positive energy, quick wit and charisma that has made him a popular podcast host & personality, Steven shares important lessons about the value of hard work and carrying on after setbacks and inspires listeners to never give up. Expect audiences to gain new perspectives, insights, strategies and mindset to achieve their biggest, boldest dreams.

Andrea Corbett

- UKBFF 2018 British Champion & Pro Bodybuilder -

Andrea Corbett is the Founder of F.O.C.U.S (Focus On Creating your Ultimate Self), a wellbeing coach & mentor, and the speaker for the Mental Health Foundation.

Andrea reveals personal tactics for overcoming challenges and cultivating a champion’s mindset. In the presence of a UKBFF British Champion & Pro Bodybuilder., participants walk away enlightened to a deeper understanding of the power of grace, humility and hard work.

Ruben Tabares

- Elite strength and conditioning coach, Nutritionist and Celebrity Sports Therapist -

Ruben Tabares is currently one of the world’s most in-demand strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists and sports therapists.

Ruben is well known for achieving incredible results in a short space of time, offering often, unorthodox training styles, coupled with motivational inspiration, to help everyone achieve their fitness goals. With celebrity clients including former world WBC heavy weight champion David Haye, Tinie Tempah, Mickey Rourke and P Diddy to name a few. Ruben shares fascinating insights into the journey he takes with the individuals he works with.

Peter Marcasciano

- Specialist in Physiotherapy and Strength and Conditioning

Peter has been a regular guest speaker for the country’s top training providers for over 20 years designing and delivering training courses for aspiring personal trainers and sports therapists, many of whom now hold key positions in the health/sports/fitness industry.

His list of clients ranges from world champions to celebrities, as well as delivering bespoke training packages to teams, athletes, and blue chip companies. His unique, holistic methods of training and nutrition are keenly sought, particularly when traditional methods of dealing with difficult or perplexing health and fitness issues have failed.

James Mawaka

- Author & Philanthropist

With his trademark panache, James Jay Mawaka inspires and empowers with his courageous story of survival, social entrepreneurship and humanitarianism, and the life lessons he learned along the way.

Jay is the founder of LeNoir Foundation, an organization offering numerous innovative educational programs aimed at improving the quality of life for our youth. These programs are carried out in conjunction with local schools in Zimbabwe and India.

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